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    Castles at discounted prices

    Castles at discounted prices

    Alternative investment solutions for high-budgeted investors, but not only!

    Who has never dreamt of living in a castle? Of course, life in medieval castle was not as easy as we may picture it to be. Castles were designed and built to serve as fortified military residences. They were places of refuge where the lords lived. Today, castles are not populated by knights, barons and guards blowing their trumpets anymore, but their glamour remains untouched. Castles are a dream for those who long to retreat in the countryside far from the hussle and bustle of every-day life.

    Castles are scattered all around Europe. They are nestled in the Highlands of Scotland or located in the idyllic countryside of France. They are situated among the charming forests of Germany or in the romantic hills of Italy and Spain.

    There are more than 55 thousand luxury residences in Italy, among which there are numerous castles. Their value is over 152 million euros. These prestige and luxury real estate properties are not affected by real estate market trends; indeed, they are real estate properties that only a few people can afford to buy; therefore, they are not influenced by the law of supply and demand.

    There are a lot of proposals about castles for sale in Italy, from Tuscany – such as in Florence – to Sicily – such as in Catania – and Lombardy – for example in Milan. There is a medieval castle for sale in Lecco, too. The price is 2.6 million euros. The seller describes it as an ideal place to make a beauty farm. 2 million euros is the price demanded for another castle with roof garden, car parking space and panoramic view over the Sabine Hills – close to Rome. In order to buy 220 square metres in the 17th-century castle of Montiglio Monferrato – in the province of Asti – it is necessary to spend 300 thousand euros. The castle features a centralised vacuum clear and a park with a pool for against-the-current swimming.

    Some of the castles for sale in Italy belonged to famous owners such as Frederick I Barbarossa or Pallavicino and Borromeo families. The appeal of castles is being enhanced, lately. Sometimes, they are converted into accommodation facilities, holiday apartment resorts or luxury domestic residences. They are often subdivided into various apartments: the charm remains unchainged; the price, instead, decreases.

    In Calabria, it is possible to buy 70 square metres inside the castle of Fiuzzi – an ancient sigthing outpost on the Gulf of Policastro – for 150 thousand euros. In Gaiole in Chianti – in the province of Siena, Tuscany – castle-hunters can buy the castle of Ricasoli Counts, the seat of the famous wine producing firm. The price – 490 thousand euros – includes the medieval wine cellar and the 28-thousand-sqm wood of the farm. There are some splendid properties in Sicily, too: a 3500-sqm castle featuring a baptistery and Byzantine frescos is being sold in Comiso, in the province of Ragusa.

    There are less expensive investment opportunities in Germany – where it is possible to buy a castle for 430 thousand euros – and in France – where there is a noteworthy supply of historical residences for sale.

    Converting a medieval property in a comfortable domestic residence with state-of-the-art comforts is an idea that appeals to high-budgeted investors who can buy such properties and bear maintenance costs and renovation expenses.

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