Moving to Hungary : the complete guide to changing your life

How many times do we feel unfit in our city? As if we were not in the right dimension adhering to our needs. But you know, the novelty scares a bit, especially when you want to totally change your lifestyle, maybe in a foreign country. It is not always easy to get a clear background of a country unknown to us. What will be the cost of living? Will it be better to move ? And the job opportunities? 

But don't worry, today we at Realigro have a surprise in store for you. Based on statistics on the countries most visited in early 2019, we have identified a particular country that, already in the last quarter of 2018, has been a great success in the real estate market. We are talking about Hungary! The country that hosts the Paris of the East, is at the top of the charts for investors of the brick. If you are also interested in buying a property in Hungary to move and receive a breath of fresh air in your life, you just have to follow our advice! So, let's get started! 

Let's proceed in small steps, to better have a clear and comprehensive view. What is the documentation needed to enter this country? If you are a European citizen, you will not need a visa: you just need an identity document. For stays of less than 90 days, a passport is sufficient if you are not a member of the EU. 

Once you arrive in this country, the problem you might encounter would be the search for a job. What attracts many young people looking for a job, is the presence of a minimum wage, not present in all countries of Europe. 


There is a strong demand for specialized figures in the field of marketing and economics, but there is also a strong shortage of project managers and accountants. There are also many related positions in education, especially in foreign languages, including English. In this country, in fact, the English language is fundamental, given the grammatical complexity of Hungarian. 

Let us now analyse the cost of living in Hungary. Compared to the European average, living in Hungary is much more advantageous. This is another key element that, every year, attracts many tourists and future Hungarian citizens to settle in this country. Despite the fact that the Hungarian remuneration does not meet the average EU standards, it is still clear that it is easily possible to get to the end of the month, taking away even some extra whim. It should be noted that Hungary has not yet adopted the euro as its currency. In this country, in fact, the currency used is the forint. ( 1 euro corresponds to 300 guilders ). 

From a geographical and cultural point of view, Hungary really has a lot to offer. The local beauties are the result of a unique and particular tradition. There are many castles and green areas, not to mention one of the most important rivers in Europe, the Danube, which divides the capital into two parts, totally different: Buda and Pest.

In Hungary it is difficult not to be enraptured, especially if you are passionate about art.

Leaving aside the food and wine aspect, as it would be really reductive to describe it in a few lines (the local cuisine is really noteworthy!), we will now focus on the focal point of our guide. Where to buy and how much does a property cost in Hungary?

Looking at the capital, the prices are really affordable. With 50,000 euros you can buy a studio apartment in the city center, while, as for rentals, you can find favorable opportunities even at 200 euros per month. What can I say, we hope that our mini guide has been useful for you and we wish you a good trip!  

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    Moving to Hungary : the complete guide to changing your life

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